Friday, March 24, 2017

Making Maps of Grafton

Making Maps of Grafton
By: Damian and Faith

First we made predictions of what Grafton would look like. Then we walked all over Grafton writing a real map of Grafton. For some of us it was hard. We probably walked a half mile it was kinda fun while we're walking drawing double tasking. We started walking from the baseball field. And from there we took on foot the long way to GES.

Forest Friday 3/24/17

Forest Friday 3/24/17
By: Kory and Zoey

On forest Friday we went to the ball field. We found an owl pellet. We also played knockout, a math game. Outside we played with dice and cards. After we had snack.Then we looked at an old map of the area. After we made our own maps. We took a walk to get a better look at Grafton. Then we went back to school.         

Knock Out

Knock out
By: Addie and Bella

Lately our teacher has got this game called knockout. It is on the smartboard, how you play is there are two lines, there are questions on the smartboard. Who ever says the multiplication question first, then the person that didn't get it has to sit down because they are knocked out. Also there are knock out cards where you sit down.There are also free pass cards that you go to the end of the line there are also pick a pal that has been siting. Sometimes it's hard to decide who said it first.

Snow Forts

Snow Forts
By: Ben and Connor

Last Forest Friday we made a fort during some choice time. First we layed down and dug a whole. Then we built the walls. We had to pack the snow. Then we sprayed names into the walls with colored water. Then we made a door. We tried to fit 12 kids inside, and we did!

Egg Drop

Egg drop

By: Chase Plummer and Braydon Rumrill

On forest Friday we went outside to gather sticks and materials to get our three D shapes ready for the egg drop. Wednesday the fire department came with the fire truck.We went outside to the parking lot.The fire truck was sitting there outside  in the parking lot.The 1st and 2nd went first.Some of the eggs broke from first grade and second grade they were in bag’s with soft materials and paint, and flower, in it. We had 5 structures. One was really strong and the egg survived.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Forest Friday 3/3/17

Forest Friday 3/3/17

Third grade went down to the outdoor classroom and made a camp fire. First we crumpled our homework and we put it in the bottom of the fire pit. We also put bark and pine needles on the pile. Then we put some of the firewood. We then used the firewood that was left over from Tuesday. We made a teepee.Then we had snack. Next we played tag. After that we had to answer some multiplication facts in order to have a  marshmallow to toast in the fire. The marshmallows were amazing over the campfire. We had four each. Lastly, we put out our campfire with snow.

Written by: 3rd grade class

Owl Pellets

When we went on our field trip to Hildene a student stumbled upon an owl pellet that we were able to dissect. Over break I found one in my yard and we dissected this one as well. The students have been using a chart to match the bones to see what the owl ate...