Wednesday, May 24, 2017


On Monday afternoon Julian, from VEEP came to show us electricity  examples. Julian showed us how to make electricity with a bike, if we pedaled hard enough it would turn on a light bulb. There were five different stations the first had sand things that we could control with magnets it was very fun! The second station was coiled up wire that we could also use with wire. The third station was the pie station there was a fake pie and a circle graph that showed electricity in Vermont. Station 4 was where you had to hook the electricity guns and hook them up to a fan it will work. Then he sowed a pressure cooker  to show hydropower.

By Addie and Braydon

Wunderle's Circus

On Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday Mr. Wunderles circus came. We did lot’s of activities like devil sticks,juggling balls, sticks on plates,moon walkers, diablo's,Also we used medium stilts.and a lot more.

One of the activities was plate spinning Addie  and Maisie were really good at plate spinning that they started to make a performous. A lot of kids in our class wanted to do stilts some kids could throw plates up and still catch them while they were still spinning. We also got to use   devil sticks, it's where we use to sticks and one longer you can also flip them really high. Everybody found a partner a and took their two shorter sticks and kinda made a train track. On the last day we got to use something called moon walkers they were a lot of fun!

By: Addie, Damian, Maisie and Ben

Pond Exploration

On Friday,  we went to the pond program we  saw Jay, we talked about pond creatures. We  found clamshells,  Jay talk about leeches, we found  water spiders, fish, and crayfish.

We caught two crayfish and a bullfrog we were catching stuff. Jay said  that the big fat  tadpoles turn into bullfrogs. The crayfishes were everywhere. Jay said that clams keep there mouth close and filter the water. When Braydon got out of the pond he had a leech in his croc. Jay told us about leeches.

By Braydon, Connor, Zoey, Bella, and Kory

Friday, May 12, 2017


In the morning we got to school we had muffins with moms. Then we circled up, and got ready for the hike we were going on a hike. We walked to Kitter Hill, we trucked up the hill. It was very steep. We got on to the trail and Mrs. Penge found a frog, it was very muddy. Then we got to Bear Hill and we took turns being the leader. Finally we got to a sign that said “look out” this way. Then we all ate snack, there were lots of flies. Then we played and some of the boys made a fort. On the way back we collected birch bark, Mrs. Penge wants to do something with it. On the way back Chase slipped in mud and got Maisie and Ben muddy. It was a very good hike.

By: Chase, Addie, and Connor

Muffins With Mom

Muffins With Mom’s
By Bella, Asher and Maisie

On May 12th, 2017, The mom’s arrived in the morning for Muffins With Mom’s! They had Blueberry, Chocolate chip, Chocolate chocolate chip, Coffee, and Cupcake. For drink’s there was Coffee and Milk. Most kids had Chocolate chip. The Chocolate aka Chocolate chocolate chip had chocolate chips in it but was still chocolate flavored (0_o). After they went home but we sent them with flowers and cards. They also went to work. Then the school day started.

Historical Society
By Faith, Zoey, Damian

On Monday we went to the Historical Society to take pictures for Memorial Day. There was lots of pictures each group got picture books to look at and there were a lot of old photos of Veterans. Zoey tock pictures of the instrument’s hanging in a closet.